Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions offer support with:

  • Increasing self awareness
  • Gaining new insight about current challenges
  • Developing new skills to tackle current issues
  • Coping with major life transitions
  • Exploring and overcoming past traumas
  • Managing grief and loss
  • Career Guidance

We are living in an age where increasingly, people are becoming more interested in understanding themselves and their internal worlds better. In recent years, I have worked with many clients who have entered into therapy in order to develop a better relationship with themselves. In doing so, they often find they feel more empowered to respond to current challenges in their lives. Often, retracing our steps and unraveling the past can help to illuminate some of the ways in which we currently understand the world and interact in our relationships – and often, where we might be getting stuck. There is mounting evidence today that we are profoundly effected by our childhood experiences in our families of origin, and that it is our ability to make sense of those experiences that allows us to live fuller lives in the present. Emotional well-being, stress-regulation, relationship satisfaction and even physical health have been linked with this ability, also known as autobiographical continuity.

*For specific information on therapy supporting grief and loss, please click here.

What to Expect:
In therapy, I work with clients to support them with current challenges and also so that they can create a greater understanding about their past experiences. I work to help them transcend some of the unconscious ways in which they currently respond to conflict or stress.  Clients gain more clarity on some of the blueprints they might have developed in the past and learn how to re-wire these so that they have a more flexible and adaptive approach to the present. I also provide them with concrete tools and skills to tackle their current life issues a& stressors. After sessions, clients often report feeling greater clarity,  lighter as well as more empowered within their present circumstances.

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