Career Guidance

Career Sessions offer clients support with:

  • Career Pathway Planning
  • Optimising career satisfaction
  • New Business Start-ups
  • Maintaining a healthy work-life balance
  • Managing work-related stress

We live in a world today where the boundaries around a job, the space we work in and scope of the work we do are no longer as well defined or fixed as they use to be. While this can be exciting in many ways, it can also present individuals with the conundrum of having a new world to navigate, without a map of legacy past. In other words, these changing contours can often mean that what worked for generations before may no longer work for us today. If you are feeling confused about career planning for the future, or currently along a career path where you feel dissatisfied , individual therapy may be beneficial. Often it can be as simple as sitting down, in guided session, and asking yourself what is called, a ‘miracle question’ which goes as follows – If you could suspend reality and there were no limitations as you understand them to exist at the moment, what would you choose to do as your life’s work or ideal career? Answers ranging from the surprising to the impractical are worth exploring because often they may hold truths about our innate talents and secret hopes that we have yet to allow to come to full fruition in our present careers.

What to Expect:
In counselling, you can begin asking the right questions and clarifying your expectations and needs in a career. We will work towards defining future job scopes that are more aligned with your personal goals, and looking at practical ways in which you can get the job that is congruent with your unique skill set and innate talents. Discussions around maintaining a healthy work-life balance in the future and ways in which you can manage work-related stress more effectively may also be useful.

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