Therapy is often viewed as a daunting and unnerving concept for fear of judgement and the unknown depths of the human mind, but taking that first step towards self-help is an empowering and thought-provoking experience. Self-help is exactly what it is; taking an hour of your time on a regular basis to reflect on yourself, which can be extremely helpful in any situation.

Through therapy with Anoushka I have learned a great deal about myself and the abilities I posses as an individual. Being proactive in helping yourself is something we should all strive for regardless of past or present ‘problems’, you don’t have to have a ‘problem’ to better yourself. No-one is perfect but through therapy we can learn to be a perfect version of ourselves by gaining insight into, and understanding of, who we are.

Post-graduate Student, 23yrs


CarrieCarrie, 23yrsPost-graduate student

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