I’ve always believed that people come my way at the very right time in life and finding Anoushka as my therapist is the best thing that could have happened to me. Having recently moved to Singapore, thinking this will ‘save’ me from the issues and feelings that have been within me and that I’ve been avoiding for too long, I actually ended up hitting the rock bottom. But with the help from her, I’m now on a road to recovery. What I appreciate about Anoushka, is her approach – she is current and she is real and the positive energy about her is just extraordinary. Our meetings ground me and with her help I am able to stop and reflect on what has been the source of all of my actions to date and I’m coming up with a plan, for the first time in my life. Knowing that she is reachable at any given time, outside of meetings too, is very encouraging and I just know I can trust her. I’m very much looking forward to continuing our work together as I know she genuinely cares and that with her help, the steps I take, are thought through and I am now able to observe the problems and work on them before the bubble bursts.

Trader, 30 yrs

DeborahDeborah, 30Trader

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