My family consists of myself, my husband my 7 year old son and our adopted daughter who is now 5.  She came into our family when she was 4.  The road to a happy family has been up and down and therefore I was coming to see Anoushka to help me deal with feelings and problems encountered.  Right from the beginning Anoushka made me feel relaxed and I was able to share many things with her – no matter how trivial they may have been Anoushka did not make them seem this way.  I left every session feeling so positive about what I was doing, things that I could try or be more aware of.  For me this positive energy she gave to me after our sessions was the best thing I took away with me.  Her ability to remember the details of all our conversations, pass on positive reinforcement and share ideas of books that may help were fantastic. Anoushka was very accommodating always trying to find a time that suited me best to fit in with my family and work.  I am gratful for the help, guidance and support she gave me.

Teacher, 35yrs

MeganMeganTeacher, 35yrs

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