The Hardwiring Happiness Project


The Hardwiring Happiness Project

16 March, 2015
I started this project because ultimately I believe that it is your birthright to live a happy and fulfilled life – and that this is not some faraway dream but really something that, with the right tools, is right at your doorstep and you can experience every day.
Happiness, however, as I’m sure you can testify, can sometimes be elusive and difficult to sustain – and guess what – this is NOT your fault. Despite all your efforts, the unfortunate truth is that as a product of evolution, our brains are actually set up more to help us Survive rather than Thrive – which can sometimes circumvent us really being able to experience the true joys and elixir of life – happiness.
Over the next 6 weeks, this course will offer you the science to understand why your brain works the way it does and also the tools to change it for the better so you can bring more joy and fulfilment into your life. You’ll find yourself getting less caught up in things that used to really stress you out – whether it’s conflict with others or your own personal self-critic. You will also find yourself able to open more fully to the happiness that is available in every moment if you know how to tap into it.
On a personal note – I live by the skills and essence of what this programme will bring to you – not only professionally , but also in my own life. I have seen these tools transform both my own life and also those of my clients so that they can live fuller, more joy-filled and impassioned lives. At the heart of this is the simple truth that with practice, you can re-wire your brain so that it works to generate more happiness for you and ultimately, others around you as well.
1) Start waking up feeling GREAT and more positive & energised throughout the day.

2)Learn how to NOT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF and manage the heavier stuff too – such as day to day stress and challenging emotions such as anger, guilt & fear.

3)Love yourself and others better through being more present & compassionate with yourself & those around you.



The course is structured to maximise flexibility and accessibility for everyone who signs up. As such, it will be online and once a week over 6 consecutive weeks starting from the 16th of March. There will also be a Facebook group for all participants to discuss each weeks session and generate more ideas.

There will be a 90minute-2 hour session each week ( e.g. the first is on ” Understanding Your Human Brain”.Once each session is released you can do it in your own time – anytime after that until the end of the workshop.

Each session will include some science & theory, exercises that develop personal awareness in line with the week’s theme and also practical take home tools.

Course Fees : Early Bird (by 31st feb) 150 SGD. From 31st Feb 200 SGD.
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