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Skype Therapy : Counselling Sessions at the Click of a Button.

Online-counselling In “When Your Therapist is only a Click Away”, New York Times’ Jan Hoffman discusses the pros and cons of where technology today is taking therapy – out of the counselling room and into the virtual world thanks to online communication options such as Skype and FaceTime. Interestingly, while there may be some aspects that both therapists and clients need to be aware of, such as privacy, security and connection issues, to the greater extent the research cited seems to suggest that clients report similar levels of satisfaction across both in-house and online sessions. Infact the flexibility that online sessions provides clients with may infact outweigh any perceived drawbacks. Imagine, as Hoffman cites, being able to sit back with a preferred beverage of choice , by the pool,  while skyping with your therapist. Continue Reading →