Closing Cycles

Transitions are a common and integral part of life, yet also known to bring up resistance and often anxiety or fear for many of us. Faced with the end of one chapter, perhaps a job , relationship or even home or country of residence , and the beginning of another, how do we learn to navigate this space with greater ease and more comfort even when entering into that which is new and unfamiliar? And while embracing the new, how do we also learn to bring closure and say goodbye to what has past in a way that feels right for us and fitting for the context? In his article on “Closing Cycles” Paulo Coelho addresses the importance of becoming more attuned to when certain phases in our lives are coming to an end and another is beginning. He explores the importance of letting go of the old so that we can create space in our lives to allow the new in.

Through therapy, we can also learn how a more conscious approach can help us not only to know when to let go of what is no longer serving us, but also to be more aware of what we have learnt and will bring into the next phase of our lives we are shaping to be in greater alignment with our innate truths and current goals. For me, his article also served as a reminder that transitions don’t just have to be sticky and challenging (or even scary!) but also , an adventure if we remain curious and cognizant of this time of opening and opportunity. For more on how to navigate transitions with compassion and curiosity so you can get the most out of this new chapter, contact Anoushka at 


(a)    Reference Link: “Closing Cycles” , by Paulo Coelho (2012),

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