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A Taste of The Hardwiring Happiness Project

sunflower-background I wake up this morning and don’t feel quite right – I can’t quite put my finger on it at the moment, but already I have a niggling feeling this is going to be a difficult morning.  Perhaps you can relate.

My daughter was up all night with a runny nose and ended up sleeping most of the night in my bed – I on the other hand did not. This morning, I notice as I wake up that besides the fact that Im exhausted , the room seems stuffier, darker somehow – almost like a grey film has settled over everything. My 18th month year old seems scratchier as well and as I go through the motions of things getting her ready for play school , things around the house that are not quite right also seem to pop out at me . For example ,  looks like one of the bath towels got thrown into a coloured wash as its all pink now…just bought it which is annoying – in addition, no matter how many times I seem to organise things upstairs rogue files and toys and books somehow seem to find their way back to cluttering up the space. Despite trying to calm myself down, I start to feel my blood pressure rise, my frustration bubbling to the surface , my mouth turning down into a distinct and undeniable frown. Perhaps this sounds familiar? Continue Reading →

The Hardwiring Happiness Project


The Hardwiring Happiness Project

16 March, 2015
I started this project because ultimately I believe that it is your birthright to live a happy and fulfilled life – and that this is not some faraway dream but really something that, with the right tools, is right at your doorstep and you can experience every day. Continue Reading →