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3 Things to Transform Crisis in Opportunity

scorched-earthSometimes things have to fall apart. We are trained , for the most part however, to look at crisis as a negative thing – a time that is filled with pain, loss and much suffering. Yet I wonder if this sort of thinking is serving us. What would happen if we were to look at the ‘crisis’ we are faced with as an opportunity instead? Is it possible that sometimes things have to fall apart in order for us to rebuild a better model of life for ourselves? Continue Reading →

93.8FM Interviews Anoushka on Re-wiring the Brain for Happiness

Life-will-become-a-joyIn my latest interview with Eugene Loh for 93.8FM LIVE , I take a look at the evolutionary bias our brains have for the negative and provide some tips on how you can start to re-wire your brain for the positive today.

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Happy listening!

much warmth, Anoushka

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Staying In Love after Baby – 4 things all couples should practice

8550838313_988bb45500 There’s nothing quite like a new addition to the family to put stress on a couple’s relationship. While a baby brings with it so much joy and more often than not, increased connection between partners, it also adds multiple demands on the couple and can wear resources thin. Juggling the role of parent with the role of partner can sometimes be tricky, especially under conditions where you are sleep-deprived, emotionally-drained and can’t remember the last time you sat down and had 5 minutes just to yourself. In times as such , it’s easy to become more reactive and less patient with each other, more critical and less appreciative- which can not only increase conflict & tension but also start emptying that tank of compassion & good will which is essential to fueling your relationship. Continue Reading →