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The Journey Home


We are all ultimately trying to come home to ourselves. The path however to getting there may not be always be easily traversed or well-lit. We will encounter many obstacles along the way ; challenges in our external experience and , inevitably, the darker deeper confrontations that happen on an internal level. In therapy, I try to provide my clients with a safe and nurturing space where they can address these life challenges, look at their inner struggles and then find the courage to take that next step. What I have found is always true- is that they are all journeying back to the same place-  a space of greater authentic connection with themselves , where the rocks are removed, the path is clear and they know they are home. Continue Reading →

A Teaspoon of Novelty can Change Your Life

85d36569a82bd21ca9cad843921d4756    ” When people are inspired , they have more brain real-estate” –  Says Julia Volkman of  BrainBasics in this excellent article on boosting your learning ability through harnessing the power of inspiration. Indeed, this and other recent research all seem to point what we’ve known intuitively for a long time now – when we like and are stimulated by something – we learn better. 

Lisa Wimberger , founder of The Institute of Neurosculpting, has taken our brain’s love of inspiration  & novelty to a new level. In her novel brain-training visualisations, she boosts the brains’ learning capacity through introducing interesting & novel tasks which involve right and left brain collaboration. Instead of a more typical ‘let’s talk about what you’re feeling’ approach, she mixes it up a little. Asking someone to name (left brain) an emotion , whilst paying attention to the sensation ( right brain) it may be creating in the body and any colour/texture/visual object it evokes ( novelty) is an example of this. The result? A stimulated brain, with neural pathways that are open and ready to learn. Continue Reading →