I’ve always believed that people come my way at the very right time in life and finding Anoushka as my therapist is the best thing that could have happened to me. Having recently moved to Singapore, thinking this will ‘save’ me from the issues and feelings that have been within me and that I’ve been avoiding for too long, I actually ended up hitting the rock bottom. But with the help from her, I’m now on a road to recovery. What I appreciate about Anoushka, is her approach – she is current and she is real and the positive energy about her is just extraordinary. Our meetings ground me and with her help I am able to stop and reflect on what has been the source of all of my actions to date and I’m coming up with a plan, for the first time in my life. Knowing that she is reachable at any given time, outside of meetings too, is very encouraging and I just know I can trust her. I’m very much looking forward to continuing our work together as I know she genuinely cares and that with her help, the steps I take, are thought through and I am now able to observe the problems and work on them before the bubble bursts.

Trader, 30 yrs


Eternally thankful, from dire straights Anoushka helped my wife and I bridge our differences, understand our shortcomings and put us on a path to happiness.

Director, 39yrs


One of my goals in seeking help from Anoushka was to reconnect with myself and live a more fulfilling and happy life. Each session with Anoushka enabled me to take a step towards this goal with more clarity and self-acceptance. Working through my doubts and beliefs and understanding my thought processes enabled me to reclaim my self-awareness and identify what makes me happy. During each session Anoushka provided practical tools and exercises which built upon what we were working on. Incorporating these strategies consistently into my daily life was easier than I thought and has brought about significant changes. I now feel more self-aware, confident and excited about what the future will bring.

Teacher, 41 yrs


Anoushka provides such a safe and supportive space for self-reflection. In our session, she pin-pointed an issue that I would otherwise have found very difficult to acknowledge, and helped diffuse the emotional stress on the spot in a simple yet effective way. By bringing to light an emotion that I would otherwise have kept in the dark, I am now in a position to resolve the blockage, and bring more abundance into my life.

Therapist, 31yrs


My family consists of myself, my husband my 7 year old son and our adopted daughter who is now 5.  She came into our family when she was 4.  The road to a happy family has been up and down and therefore I was coming to see Anoushka to help me deal with feelings and problems encountered.  Right from the beginning Anoushka made me feel relaxed and I was able to share many things with her – no matter how trivial they may have been Anoushka did not make them seem this way.  I left every session feeling so positive about what I was doing, things that I could try or be more aware of.  For me this positive energy she gave to me after our sessions was the best thing I took away with me.  Her ability to remember the details of all our conversations, pass on positive reinforcement and share ideas of books that may help were fantastic. Anoushka was very accommodating always trying to find a time that suited me best to fit in with my family and work.  I am gratful for the help, guidance and support she gave me.

Teacher, 35yrs


From the first contact with Anoushka I felt that I had found someone knowledgeable and compassionate who could guide me. Anoushka approaches our well structured sessions with encouragement and kindness. Her non judgmental, unflappable demeanor invites trust for me to explore deeper insights. I appreciate her respectful way of approaching my situation. Anoushka’s strong understanding of the science of psychology and patient explanations have been hugely helpful in my making positive changes. My experience as her client has led to tremendous self growth and I am most grateful.

Special Needs Teacher, 31yrs


Therapy is often viewed as a daunting and unnerving concept for fear of judgement and the unknown depths of the human mind, but taking that first step towards self-help is an empowering and thought-provoking experience. Self-help is exactly what it is; taking an hour of your time on a regular basis to reflect on yourself, which can be extremely helpful in any situation.

Through therapy with Anoushka I have learned a great deal about myself and the abilities I posses as an individual. Being proactive in helping yourself is something we should all strive for regardless of past or present ‘problems’, you don’t have to have a ‘problem’ to better yourself. No-one is perfect but through therapy we can learn to be a perfect version of ourselves by gaining insight into, and understanding of, who we are.

Post-graduate Student, 23yrs



For years, I looked at my inability to find a measure of happiness to be my flaw, something fundamentally wrong with myself. After years searching aimlessly for some quick solution or cure, I learned to accept it and simply seek some support when it got too much. However we are not islands in the rolling seas of life but we are intimately connected to our friends and family and even passing acquaintances in ways we often don’t realize. Our ability to find success and contentment is entirely in our own hands but it can seem to be impossible to see a way out of our despair when our perspectives are skewed and our choices so dependent on the circumstances of our lives. It was only with a little guidance from Anoushka that I learned to see things from different viewpoints and consequently see choices I hadn’t been able to imagine before.

As much as sometimes we seem to be standing utterly alone and apart from everyone, we are in fact not alone at all. The actions of others affects us as much as ours affects them, and the realization and acceptance of this fact was my first step towards finding contentment and working towards something better in my life.

Writer, 27yrs


After a broken long-term relationship, I had just moved and found myself alone in a foreign city. My world unravelled, the intensity of my fears were unparalleled. Six months later, life is once again coming together again. Anoushka not only helped soothe the pain but has given me the tools to get back on track. Don’t expect a shoulder to cry on. Expect a rock during those ever turbulent times. Don’t expect advice. Expect someone who will help you find your own answers. Don’t expect a quick-fix. Expect an understanding of yourself that will help a lifetime.

Media Presenter, 33yrs


I first walked in to my appt with Anoushka not knowing what to expect. I was undoubtedly pleased with her pleasant and kind demeanor right from the start. Not only was she easy to talk to, she really listened with all intent and I took forth what we worked on together to help me deal with different issues and problems in my life. Her help, advice, and knowledge of different techniques, has helped me immensely and put me in a much clearer and better place in my life.

Teacher, 33yrs